Martini's Fall Hook-A-Hoo Rodeo
A Wahoo Fishing Tournament Benefiting the Children of the Carolinas' Shriners' Hospitals
  October 22 -November 9, 2014
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Registration and Rules

Tournament Rules & Regulations
Updated:  09/28/2013


1. Anglers, boats, and teams must comply with all Federal, State and local safety rules.  All entrants, Captains and Crews, must meet all State and Federal Fishing License Regulations, including any HMS permits.

2. All boats must be registered with the Tournament Committee and entry fee paid to qualify for purse. Entry fees and TWT entries must be paid by, October 11, 2013.  If mailing your entry fees, the envelope must be postmarked no later than October 11, 2013.  Any entry forms or fees received after October 11, 2013, will be ineligible for competition or prizes.  Any boat substituted prior to fishing day must be approved by the Tournament Committee. The Captain's meeting will be October 9, 2013, at the Carolina Wing Company, 4764 Main Street, Shallotte, NC.  The meeting will commence at 6:00pm, and a complimentary dinner will be served for Captain and Guest.

3.  A boat, and Captain, may only be entered and registered to fish one (1) day during the tournament; however, entrants, including Captains, may fish on additional boats as crewmembers throughout the tournament.

4. A boat may fish 1 out of 16 possible days. Eligible fishing days are October 12 - 27, 2013. In order for a fish to qualify to be weighed, a team must have declared their fishing day by 7AM on the morning of that day. Declarations are made by calling (910)-512-1089; state your boat name, your name, the day you are fishing, the departure port, and the weigh-in you are planning on using.  If no one answers, please leave your information on the voicemail. If a boat does not declare properly, fish will not be eligible for weighing.

5. A boat may only weigh one fish from each species, for the day the boat fishes. Eligible fish are WAHOO, DOLPHIN, and TUNA (Yellowfin or Blackfin) for each respective category.  All fish must be weighed on the boat’s declared fishing day.  Any fish weighed will be returned to the boat after weigh-in.

6.  Weigh-ins will be held each day at Georgetown, SC (Georgetown Marina, 843-546-1776); Little River, SC (Harbourgate Marina, 843-249-8888); Ocean Isle Beach, NC (OIFC, 910-575-3474); Southport, NC (The Tackle Box, 866-395-3474); and, Wrightsville Beach, NC (Mott's Channel Seafood, 910-256-3474).  Fish may be weighed at any location.  If weighing at Southport, tie up at the dock beside the public boat ramp and call the Weighmaster at the Tackle Box.  In event of a tie, the first fish weighed will determine the winner.

7. Boundaries of tournament will be from Swansboro Hole to Georgetown Hole.

8. Lines in from 7AM-3PM and Weigh-in is from 3PM-6PM. The Weigh Station closes at 6PM.  The fisherman, and fish, must be at the scales at 6PM.  Any fish brought to the scales after 6PM will be disqualified.

9. Any boat weighing a fish must arrive at the dock under its own power.  Fish brought to the scales and weighed must be on the boat from which caught. No overland transport of fish. No congregation of boats during competition of declared day from 7AM to 6PM except in the event of an emergency. Boats congregating must declare emergency on channel 16/72.

10. A boat may not make landfall on a declared fishing day during tournament competition hours before fish are weighed (7AM-3PM)

11.  Special prizes will be awarded for the largest Wahoo weighed by a boat having a Lady Angler and/or Junior Angler.  A boat weighing a Wahoo shall only be eligible for one (1) special prize.  Upon bringing the Wahoo to the scales for weighing, the Captain must declare the Lady or Junior Angler.  A Junior Angler shall be a male or female, ages 16 and under.

12. The Tournament Committee will monitor Channel 72, during tournament hours of fishing and weigh in.  All boats should monitor the tournament channel for instructions. For safety reasons, all boats must check-in upon returning to port by calling 910-512-1089,  upon entering the inlet to confirm their return from sea,  regardless of whether they weigh a fish or not.

13. Any protest made to the Tournament Committee shall be accompanied by $500 cash. Any protest against a boat weighing a fish, must be made no later than one hour after the last fish has been weighed on the day in question. The $500 will be returned if the protest is upheld by the tournament committee; however, the $500 cash deposit will become property of the Martini's Fall Hook-A-Hoo Rodeo if the protest is not upheld. All decisions of the Tournament Committee are final.

14.  This is a "Captain's Choice" tournament and the Captain has the sole responsibility for determining the safety of participating on any given day.  Additionally, it is the Captain's responsibility to make themselves aware, and to comply with, any rule changes / updates that may be made at the Captain's meeting.


$10,000 1st Prize for the Largest Wahoo
 (Based on 40 Boats Entered)

Wahoo Entry Fee - $420.00

2013 Entry Fee Breakdown:
10% - Shriners
    Remainder of Entry Fees (less than 40 entries):
50% - Largest Wahoo
30% - Second Largest Wahoo
20% - Third Largest Wahoo

Largest Wahoo - $200.00
Largest Tuna - $100.00
Largest Dolphin - $100.00
10% Shriners / 90% Winner Split on all TWT's

Special Prizes
Largest Wahoo: Lady Angler
Largest Wahoo: Junior Angler


To Download and Print the Entry Form,        
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In consideration for the acceptance of the entry fee, I, for myself, personal representatives, heirs and executors, release and forever discharge Martini's Fall Hook-A-Hoo Rodeo, Martini's Hook-A-Hoo Rodeo , all sponsors, contributors, participants, producers, their agents, representatives, successors and assigns of all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, or expenses which I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected includes any claims based on negligence, action or inaction of any of the above-named parties. I hereby authorize the use of my name and/or likeness as well as that of all crew members, free of further consideration, for promotion and advertising purposes in any media form and reproduction, including, but not limited to radio, television, newspaper, brochure or video.

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